I offer coaching in a variety of domains, but the underpinning of all of my work is my philosophy, which, simply put, is this: the authentic, unencumbered you will succeed.

When people clear away all the noise around us and in our heads and we think and take action based on our true values, using our unique and undeniable set of skills and gifts, we succeed. We succeed at envisioning what we truly want for ourselves, investigating exactly what it will take to achieve that, choosing a path, correcting as we go and arriving at that vision.

So whether it’s a 30 minute phone call to think through the problem of the moment, a 6-month partnership to launch a new endeavor or breathe new life into an existing one, or an even longer term working relationship to keep yourself on track as you take your work or any area of life to the next level again and again over time, this philosophy is the basis of my work.

In those partnerships, sometimes we’re working on envisioning what you truly want, other times we’re identifying and developing what you need to get there. Sometimes we’re surfacing your true values and articulating your full set of skills and gifts. When dealing with the problem of the moment we’re getting you re-connected with what the authentic, unencumbered you would do–in this, current situation.

Working arrangements are always customized to individual needs–length of engagement, frequency etc. I offer 30-minute, complimentary calls to explore working together.